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What is Web Development ?

Web development refers to the creation and maintenance of web sites and web apps which are hosted on the internet or intranet.

The process of web development includes tasks like web design, web content creation, and scripting and network configuration. Web development is a crucial task for marketing and business endeavors because customers now expect companies to have a web presence, app, and to be just as accessible on the web as they are in other forms of media. It is also worthwhile to note that web development is always an ongoing process. As the trends in web development change and technology advances, web development strategies must also change.

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Prevalence of Mobile Technology

A great example of web (app) development is the spread of mobile technology. The mass proliferation of mobile devices has expanded the types of screen that people use to look at websites, which means that they must be developed in different ways.

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Why invest in web development?

The following are a couple reasons why web development is important, and also a few ways to successfully market your web presence.

High quality
High quality web development will impress potential customers and put you a cut above your competitors and it helps you stay in business and do more business.

Unique content
Content drives a huge percentage of a website's success. Filling your website with unique, high quality content is an absolute must.

Good SEO

Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also necessary to distinguish your website and draw in visitors.

Gain a competitive advantage
Successful web development means that you will have a marketing and sales advantage over your competitors because you will be able to market to more people and reach a larger population of potential customers.

Mobile app specific benefits
Now that a huge percentage of web traffic is consumed through mobile devices, developing with them in mind is critical to developing a successful web presence.

On Call Room app
For an example of very successful web development, take the On Call Room app for physicians and other professionals in the health industry. This is an app that serves as a platform to crowd source medical problems. Using web development to their advantage, they created an iOS and Android app which helps connect healthcare professionals worldwide so they can share knowledge.

Smart to combine with SEO, CMS, and Analytics
Web development alone won't make your business succeed, which is why you need to combine it with other forms of web marketing. Search engine optimization and content management strategies are effective methods of promoting your website and generating traffic for it. Additionally, analytics are an important tool for assessing the strategies you've employed and maintaining your web presence's competitive edge.

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