Video Marketing

How to Captures Attention in an ADD World

What is Video Marketing ? More Than YouTube?
The idea behind video marketing is quite simple. There have been a lot of studies that have reported how much easier it is to engage people with video content over just text, image, or audio. Naturally, that makes it an ideal technology for marketing, which is essentially always trying to engage new customers and keep old customers engaged as well. According to, a staggering 82% of marketers said that video marketing had a positive impact on their business and in a study from Forrester Research, it was determined that a web page featuring video content is fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of Google's search results than one without video content.

Why invest in video marketing?
We've already started to talk a little about the many benefits of video marketing. High on that list is a huge benefit in regard to search engine optimization. Like we mentioned above, websites with video content are consistently ranked higher in Google's search results. This means that you will have more visibility in search engines that will lead to higher conversion rates, more hits on your website, more links from other websites, and so on.

Roll Out Mat Case Study – Including Tube
Roll Out Mat is a company that sells wrestling mats that struggled with their online presence. They did not rank well on any search engines for their keywords. The main problem was there was no content built around their products. They launched a series on YouTube in which they taught wrestling tutorials each week on their mats. They also transcribed these videos to create more content and shared them via social media. After 90 days, the company ranked first for the words they were targeting which also increased leads and sales of their mats. They jumped 40+ spots for mat queries on Google from their video marketing through YouTube.

Team It Up
Smart to combine with drip campaigns, website, and social media
Video marketing is great, but it can get even better when combined with other marketing methods such as drip campaigns, website design, and social media marketing as we saw in the example above. In particular, social media is a great platform for sharing video content because you can link it back to your website and other social media platforms. Furthermore, designing your website to put video content front and center can really improve your marketing efforts for the better.

Marketing with Videos success requires teamwork. Any single marketing tactic alone won't make your business succeed, which is why you’ll want to combine it with other forms of web marketing. Search engine optimization and content management strategies and social media are effective methods of promoting your website and generating traffic for it. Video production and video marketing is one of our specialties’ at Visible Strategies Digital Marketing LLC. We regularly include these services as part of the CTO Services packages that we provide to our clients.