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New Psychographic Study Reports: 8 in 10 motivated to "Tweet" for business -

Most Twitter users don't sign up just to tweet about their day; they're Tweeting to increase their bottom line, a new study reveals. In fact, more people who use Twitter do so for business than for social reasons alone, according to a new psychographic survey conducted by the Kamaron Research Institute.
More than 8 in 10 people responding to the survey stated that at least one of the reasons that they tweet was for business purposes.

Less than two in ten (17 percent) did not list business as one of the reasons that they Tweet.
Eleven percent of survey respondents said that they only use Twitter for social purposes, and two percent said that they used Twitter both for social purposes and to promote a cause.
This holds true for younger Twitter-ers as well. Nearly half of those aged 25 and under gave "business" as the primary reason that they tweet.
Psychographic studies examine motivations, as opposed to demographic studies which look primarily at factors such as age, sex, income and geographic location.
Ross said that while many Twitter surveys examined demographic Twitter data, nobody was examining WHY people Tweet.
The Kamaron Institute Twitter Users Psychographic Study "Why Do You Tweet" was conducted online with a respondent group size of 280 Twitter Users.
"It's very timely as Twitter announces its intent to launch premium paid services this fall and companies strive to monetize their social media time investment," Ross said. "A person with a business motive for "Tweeting" might be more receptive to value added fee-based services if they deliver greater return on social media time investment."
"This dominant business related motive for tweeting could bode well for companies of all sizes planning to expand their social media presence and activities this year."
Kamaron Research Institute, Opinion Central, is a leading online business marketing research, social media and educational research polling firm.
The Kamaron Twitter User Psychographics Survey was designed to gauge behaviour and motivations for being a Twitter user. The most recent survey was conducted online by the Kamaron Institute 2019.
Respondent group was 280 Twitter users. Media age of survey participants was 35.1 years.
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Social Media Platform Use for 2019

The chart below shows who is using social media platforms.  You will see that twenty two percent use the Twitter platform.  Did you know that twenty percent of Twitter users post eighty percent of the content? 

Source: Pew Research