A Phishing Cyber Case Study

Guarding Your Business Against This Social Engineering Risk

In today’s digital age, social engineering poses a significant threat to businesses. These deceptive tactics manipulate individuals into divulging confidential information, potentially leading to devastating cyber-attacks. A notable example is the infamous Google and Facebook spear phishing scam, which resulted in a staggering $100 million loss.

Understanding Social Engineering and Phishing Social engineering is an umbrella term for various manipulative techniques used by cybercriminals. Phishing, a prevalent form of social engineering, involves sending fraudulent messages to trick recipients into revealing sensitive data.

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Fastest Way to Recover from Cyber Disaster is Prior Planning

Running an online business, especially in the e-commerce realm, presents unique opportunities and challenges. Your website can serve as the lifeblood of your digital business life. With your online store, you are not limited by your physical location. However, your site holds sensitive customer data, financial transactions, and your brand’s reputation. With “43% of cyberattacks targeting small businesses”, protecting your e-commerce or WordPress website is a top priority. This article highlights how to prepare for, avoid, and recover from disasters that may impact your online operations. In a nutshell, “The fastest way to recover from cyber disaster is prior planning.”

We are using a site that features a WordPress content management system, CMS, because this is the most popular choice of US businesses.

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Why and How to Blur You House ?


Blurring your house on Google Maps serves multiple purposes beyond just privacy. It enhances security by preventing potential thieves from scoping out vulnerabilities or identifying easy access points. Plus, it shields you from targeted marketing efforts based on visible home improvement needs and mitigates the risk of neighborly disputes stemming from overly curious neighbors. Once you request Google to blur your home, the effect is permanent, ensuring continued privacy in Google Street View. It does not impede emergency services from finding the house.

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Internet of Things. Is Using Them All Smart or Not?


It may have started innocently with the purchase of a smallish round vacuum cleaner that seemed to call itself to life while you were at work to sweep up the breakfast cereal from the kitchen floor. It was followed by the Christmas gift of a “smart” device and a software application where you could ask it to tell you tomorrow’s weather or play your favorite music. Then the smart thermostat, the smart water meter, and its friend the smart doorbell where you can see and talk to the person at the door via the app on your smart phone while you are busy elsewhere.  Is this wi-fi, blue tooth lifestyle smart for you or not?  What is s.m.a.r.t, anyway?


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