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Winning in the courtroom is only half the battle. Visible Strategies Litigation Support Team ensures you will win in the court of public opinion, too.

The threat and reality of litigation pose a risk to a company’s reputation, its leadership and, ultimately, its bottom line. Litigation can draw unwelcome and intense media attention, adversely affect investor perceptions, increase public scrutiny, hurt employee morale and negatively influence other stakeholders, such as business partners and even government entities.

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Litigation – at all its stages, ranging from rumors and threats, to out-of-court settlements, to courtroom trials – represents a communications challenge that public companies and private entities alike cannot ignore. Visible Strategies litigation-support capabilities have been designed to help companies to develop and implement successful communications strategies and programs that can be utilized before, during and after sensitive litigation matters.

Our objective is to shape the public and private dialog before and during litigation, both inside and outside the courtroom. To do so, we work closely with our clients and their internal and external counsel. Together, we help organizations develop communication strategies that are in alignment with ongoing litigation strategies.

Visible Strategies begins each litigation-support engagement by conducting thorough internal and external perception assessments to identify the current reputation of each party in a particular matter, and to measure the potential impact litigation my have on our client’s reputation and credibility. We then develop a very specific, time line-driven strategic program designed to best manage likely potential outcomes. We also work to ensure our client’s messages reach its key stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders, analysts, regulatory agencies and governmental officials) by restricting the “legalese” to the courtroom and developing transparent and easy-to-understand messages for all of its important constituencies.


Visible Strategies litigation-support activities also include the following:

Research – From a historical perspective, we research the perception and reputation impacts of litigation on corporations that have faced similar issues.

Media Training – Our communications Coaching service ensures spokespersons effectively and consistently convey key messages to all affected audiences.

Legislative Strategy – We research out to local, state and federal legislators when necessary to determine allies, thus taking the legislative initiative and controlling dialogue.